Crypto Samurais

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February 24, 2022 – February 27, 2022





Crypto is war! A war against fiat and a war fought to secure financial freedom. There will be ups, downs, bumps, and twists in this war but the best way to win any war is to have powerful allies! So we decided to create an NFT that encompasses the fun and the war that is the crypto landscape and we are calling all who have bought a dip, hodl'd, and are diamond handed to build with us a community of Crypto Samurais! So join us, become a Crypto Samurai by owning one of our unique, audible, and customizable samurais. Gain access to our community, then rise through our ranking system and harness the power of our clans! For more information on our samurais and to find out how to use our applications to customize your samurais check out CryptoSamurais.Art.

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