Boodles Club NFT

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November 30, 2021 – December 07, 2021





Boodles Club is a collection of programmatically generated NFTs on the Ethereum second layer ( Polygon ) blockchain. The 1st generation consists of 10,000 (+1) randomly assembled Boodles, picked from a pool of over 500,000 possible outcomes. Boodles Club comes with a unique variation of bodies, faces, and hats. Each Boodle is randomly generated & provably unique.

Why should I get a Boodle?

Besides bragging rights, you will be able to grow and build the community with us. 10% of all sale proceeds will be automatically sent to a community safe. This will be returned to our holders in the form of contests, raffles, and more. Your Boodle will give you a voice in the community and will allow you to help steer the direction of the project.

Each Boodle will cost 0.008Ξ (22 Matic).


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