EtherDash NFT Game

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December 29, 2021 – January 04, 2022





EtherDash is a race to collect rocket parts, in the form of NFTs, and claim prizes from the community wallet. Open source and decentralized game, with on-chain data, powered by Ethereum. 

Our NFT game will be ready to play this December. Each rocket part NFT minted has a value that can be redeemed in winning combinations for ETH. The objective in EtherDash is to collect rocket part NFTs that are needed to assemble a rocket. Assemble the rocket, or other winning combinations, and claim your share of the community wallet. Prizes up to 100ETH are paid instantly through the smart contract.  

Join our Discord and community today for chances to win free character NFT mints, which are required to play our games.

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