Apocalyptic Aliens

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March 23, 2022 – March 30, 2022





Apocalyptic Aliens are detectives Virtual & Reality NFT drop. This NFT project is a clear description of two aliens with style & charisma arriving on an inhabitable planet. They are immediately noticed by their fashionable wardrobe and futuristic style.

Detectives Virtual & Reality are on a quest to figure out why they indeed are Apocalyptic Aliens. The NFT project shows the digital artwork of style and fashion through alien-style poses. The digital art shows details that highlight a motive to go on a mission as well as creativity for the digital art lovers.

Apocalyptic Aliens is a new way of creating digital art through different color backgrounds, aesthetics, and advancement in technology. This NFT project demonstrates the art many users want to see in the NFT space because of the creativity behind it. 

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