Ape Egyptian Art

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February 11, 2022 – February 18, 2022





A private collection of 11 ape egyptian art living in polygon 
Made by calosan 


Project for investors profit each tier will have different prices to make sure investors proffit & floor. Prices 1-3= 0,01 prices 4-6=0,015 prices 7-9=0,02 prices 10-11=0,1
Road map

11/11/2021: start creating nft models 

10/01/2022: finish creating 11 nft´s models 

13/01/2022: create collection landing page on opensea 

13/01/2022: start marketing and giveaways social media. 

25/01/2022: white paper launch.

11/02/2022: nft ape egyptian art start menting on opensea 

The "Ape egyptian art" season 1 is sold out

Start season 2: [holders will have 1 free nft]

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