Animalverse Dancing Underwater

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April 20, 2023 – April 27, 2023







Why Animalverse? Because we want to communicate that in this Verse, not just humans. But we include every living thing in this universe. by connecting through our website.

10k 3D GIF PFP —ADU NFTs evolution digital collectibles verified work on Web3 Applications

Goals change the world from old social to super web3.0 social applications Powered by Animalverse Dancing Underwater (ADU) NFT community to earn drive.

Free mint is live 1/ wallets next 0.07

We are committed to developing a stronger Super web3 application platform and ecosystem to support Application & Metaverse on the platform and to reach people around the world more easily

Holder Web3 utility

  1. Only 10000 ADU holder have verified on Supoer web3 applications
  2. Community to earn
  3. Air drop ADU Token after full ecosystem on platform with million user.

Real life Utility with ADU Partner

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