Okai's World

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April 22, 2023 – April 29, 2023





Okai's World is a Kawaii Brand powered by Web 3.0. At Okai's World we are building the tools and platforms to empower the creator in all of us. We are all creators. We are all Okai.

Okai's World takes place on Planet Maru, a post-post apocolyptic world where we follow Okai & Dokai on their adventures.

There is so much to explore on Maru, a planet filled with different environments and Kawaii creatures.

Okai, a boy with horns, is Planet Maru’s chief explorer. He loves embarking on adventures to meet all the creatures on Maru. Okai’s innocent adventures will soon change when he encounters the Mochi cube.

Tags: #art

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