Alane365 Pre-Private NFT sale

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May 19, 2022 – May 26, 2022





Akane365 is a generative NFT collection inspired by Japanese cartoons.

Our first goal in the 2022 Roadmap is to launch an NFT game.

We release our NFTs as we grow our community step by step.

Our Roadmap 2022

1. Open

2. Twitter 10,000 Followers.

3. Pre Private NFT sale in May 0.04ETH

4. Akane Token first snapshot

5. Twitter 15,000 Followers

6. Private NFT sale at 0.08ETH

7. Akane Token 2nd snapshot

8. Twitter 20,000 Followers

9. 2022 Summer Big Promotion

10. Public sale 0.15ETH

11. Open Discord channel

12. Akane Token airdrop

13. Date to Earn game Beta version

14. Staking starts

15. Roadmap 2023 will be revealed

Thank you for reading our roadmap. We will announce our latest news through Twitter.

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