The Lost Cats

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May 12, 2022 – May 19, 2022





The Lost Cats is a collection of 4999 NFTs minted on the Ethereum Blockchain and coming early 2022.

The world is a harsh place, life doesn’t always go to plan and anyone can end up without a home. How can these cats survive being kicked to the curb, forgotten, lost ? How do they manage to keep on going and strive when life doesn’t go their way ?

The Lost Cats collection tells the story of those that have become lost but managed to beat the odds and made something of themselves. Will you give them a home ? Will you foster a lost soul that only wants to be accepted ?

The collection

Created from a combination of over 200 traits with varying rarity across different categories ensuring that each Lost Cat has its own unique personality and story.


The collection will first launch with a private sale available to all CoolCats owners and to whitelisted users selected through various means (early adopters, contest/lottery winners, …).

No more than 3500 lost cats will be able to be minted during presale to make sure everyone has a chance to provide a home to one of our Lost Cats.

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