A Different Sunset on Nifty Gateway

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June 27, 2021 – June 28, 2021





On June 27th, an anonymous collective of 10 digital artists releases its first NFT collection on Nifty Gateway! Calling themselves ‘A Different Sunset’, the artists based their pseudo-identities on the fictional characters from ‘The Outsiders’ novel by S.E. Hinton.

‘A Different Sunset’ collective drops the pack, comprised of 10 NFT pieces, priced at $444.00 / pack. The mechanics of purchasing is ‘First Come First Serve’. The number of packages remaining is 111.

“What brings the most value to a piece of art? Is it the artist, or the art itself? When you remove both of these elements from a piece of work, where the artist is anonymous and the work is very different from their signature style, does the piece retain the same value or interest?” – the artists from the collective ask.

Each piece within the pack is created in an absolutely different style so that it’s quite complicated to understand who the creator is. It’s gonna be a quite experimental exhibition, and this makes it special.

Mark your calendars for June 27th not to miss an exclusive drop!

Tags: #art

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