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Steven Baltay

Steve Baltay is a remarkable 3D artist who delicately balances between being beautiful and grotesque, between being familiar and surreal, and between being logical and absurd. He was born in California and was interested in the artistry form of Claymation in his childhood years. His talents and interests fused perfectly with the newly established software options to make his art stand out. Combination of SideFx Houdini, the Octane Render Engine and Adobe After Effects go into making his marvellous creations. Before being famous, he held a senior 3D general position for Quidd Inc., which lasted from 2017 to 2018.

His skill is featured in releases that include characters from other mediums such as Matt Groening's Bart Simpson. His first drop, “Take Another Look”, was highly popularised since it was among the first NFTs on Nifty Gateway. He returned to shake things up with his latest drop titled “Icon Series”, in which there are animated characters drawn from well-known TV shows.

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