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rek0de is a 3D digital artist based in the United Kingdom. He is known for his unique talent of transforming architectural images worldwide into outstanding renderings that interrupt the natural flow. Using modern design tools, rek0de takes simple items such as human faces, eggs, balloons, lemons, and cephalopods and inserts them into 3D- representations of well-known buildings. The results are iconic works of art that forever change the structures’ perception of his online audience. Rek0de posts his latest artwork on his Instagram page as a marketing strategy.

His work has allowed him to amass over 100,000 followers on the Instagram platform. Due to his large audience, he landed a marketing gig for Glass Animals album. The artist entered the NFT space in the spring of 2021. His second drop on the Nifty Gateway platform was titled “Arkitextures”. The following summer, he made another drop on Nifty Gateway in collaboration with Marco Mori, a 3D and motion design artist popularly known as “Xtract”.

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