Chris Chris 18.05.2022

Holders of Gold Record NFTs will Receive up to 20% in Streaming Royalties for that Song — Founder's Interview

Greetings, NFT enthusiasts! My guest today is Arturo Knight — Founder and Creator of The Mad Apes.

Chris: Mad Apes shape the future of music. What led to the genesis of this token? 

Arturo: Founder and Creator, Arturo Knight, has been a touring artist since the age of 8. He has worked with Grammy Award Winners and has Internationally Toured with World Renown Artists. While being involved in entertainment he saw a weakness in the industry - Record Labels. With the rise of Cryptocurrency and NFTs, Knight saw an opportunity for fans and investors to invest in their favorite music artist, getting rid of the Record Label industry. Thus, The Mad Apes was created. The World's First Metaverse Rock Artist, allowing its investors to share ownership and receive royalties from its music, including collectable NFTs. Arturo Knight predicts the Metaverse will soon be taken over by music artists - giving The Mad Apes the exclusivity of being THE FIRST MetaRock Artist. 

Chris: The Mad Apes is a distinctive set of tokens that are designed to reinvent the music space through the metaverse. What is new that you are bringing into the NFT world for music lovers? 

Arturo: The Mad Apes have a singular goal of providing an Innovative, Premium, and Collectable NFT Experience while also focusing on driving short, medium and long-term value for its Investors and Fans Worldwide. Entertainment is the #1 Long Term Utility for NFTs. The Mad Apes plan to release ongoing multiple singles of music giving 20% Royalties paid directly to its NFT holders. With every 3d Music video created, The team also plans to release limited edition 3D Collectables of the Band Members. These NFTs also will grow in value as the band members grow more fans over the course of time. We are bringing something totally new to the Metaverse, digital artists, with real music played by real pro musicians. The project also plans to work directly with other Grammy Award winning artists and entertainers in the industry creating collaborated music, giving holders more opportunities to invest. The sky is the limit.

Chris: So, what does each NFT look like? Are they pure digital works of art or something more? 

Arturo: The Mad Apes NFT Collection dropping July 16, 2022 will include 3d High Quality Rendering Collectables of the Band Members, and a Gold Record Collectable that gives royalties to the exclusive debut single "Overture". These works of art are 3d Next-Gen High Quality Collectable Art.

Chris: Additionally, how have the tokens been priced? How much of the cost of the NFT is spent on gas fees?

Arturo: The Goal with our project is to reduce Gas Fees for all of our fans and investors. To do this we are launching our own platform to invest in our collectables using Polygon Matic with very low gas fees. NFTs will range from $250-$500

Chris: Furthermore, what are the benefits of owning a Mad Ape? What can the users do with their tokens?

Arturo: Through 3D Next-Gen Art & Animation, Virtual Reality, Metaverse Tours, Strategic Partnerships, Community, Groundbreaking Live Experiences, and a vision on the long-term, The Mad Apes seek to change Rock N’ Roll and NFT History. Holding a MAD APE NFT Gives Exclusive Backstage Access to Metaverse Events, Meet & Greets, Pre-Released Music, Behind The Scenes Footage, Discounted Merch, NFT Presales, Concert Collectibles and more.  Gold Record NFT (Royalties) – Holders of these exclusive Gold Record NFTs will receive up to 20% in Streaming Royalties for that song.

Chris: Also, please introduce us to the team working behind the Mad Apes. How do the members contribute to the music-based NFT?

Arturo: The Mad Apes team is led by Founder, Arturo Knight. Members can contribute to the project by streaming music, organically growing royalties paid to our holders. Investors and Members can also support the Band as they would with any other favorite artist of theirs. The goal is clear - The larger The Mad Apes become, the larger success our holders get long term. Music never dies. The Mad Apes are going to be the next biggest Metaverse Artists.

Chris: In the end, please share some of the important steps you want to take in the next six months to accentuate the NFT experience for Mad Apes NFT holders

Arturo: Phase I:
Debut Music Video & Single Premiere on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music & More
Official NFT Public Sale
Mad Apes Metaverse Stadium
Virtual Reality AMAs
Exclusive Giveaways

Phase II:
Live Tours Across The Metaverse
Meet & Greet with Real World Music Artist
Collectible Metaverse NFT Merch
Physical Merch
Collaborate with Other Music Artists in Metaverse
Single Release Party for Holders
Strategic Partnerships

Phase III:
Collaborate with WEB3 Record Labels
Get a Trending Album
Perform on Media Outlets Worldwide
Metaverse Festivals
Augmented Reality
Social Media Filters
Music Featured in Video Games, Movies and more
Clothing Collaborations
+ More to Come

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