Chris Chris 18.05.2022

Holders will Receive Offline Events, flagship Store Opening Invites, Parties, Concerts and More — Founder's Interview

Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with the Founders of Supra multiverse stage I.

Felix - SUPRA Director

Robert - SUPRA Meta Global Team Professional

Caro  - SUPRA Meta Global Team Professional 

Chris: Supra collaborated with the Bored Apes Yacht Club is the first of a kind for a fashion industry NFT. Looking back, why did you want to bring the fashion to disclose and drop an NFT on Opensea?

Felix: To brief you about the current SUPRA, a Korean-based fashion company called F&F acquired the brand last year. SUPRA has been relaunched as a meta-fashion brand as of 2022 – releasing physical and digital items for online and offline consumers. Having the biggest fashion market capitalization in the Korean stock market, we are the first Korean fashion company to move to the metaverse world.  

All sources of creation, including fashion and art, are derived from stories and originality. The stories behind NFTs are one of its biggest charms, and we believe the Bored Ape Yacht Club was the perfect project to involve our metaverse story – thus the reason why we collaborated with BAYC’s #7298 original holder. Rather than simply printing t-shirts with BAYC’s #7298, we wanted to offer our SUPRA Fam a journey by creating a world (aka SUPRA City) and grant them both physical AND digital items they can enjoy anywhere. Our target includes the digital generation and fans of the SUPRA legacy.  

Chris: Supra NFTs crosses all borders to offer digital and physical experiences to its holder. What is on the offer and how do you ensure physical experiences?

Robert: The first NFT “SUPRA MULTIVERSE STAGE I” grants holders a physical-digital twin reward, which is the exact design BAYC #7298 is wearing (SUPRA’s iconic outfits + footwear), and an airdrop of a rare STAGE II NFT. (STAGE I is an ERC-1155 token, and STAGE II will be an ERC-721). The second NFT will be a collection of our digital celebrity ‘RARA’, who is a humanoid born in the metaverse world, suitable for interactive and live content. We’ve been working with some of the best VFX engineers for quite some time along the way.   

Regarding physical experiences, apart from the digital twin reward, we will offer our holders exclusive offline events including flagship store opening invites, parties, prior attendance to RARA’s concerts, and more.  

Chris: Subsequently, please explain the term Metasapiens.

Caro: Meta is derived from Metaverse, and Sapiens is derived from Homosapiens. Thus, Metasapiens is a term that defines young leaders in the digital generation. As SUPRA goes beyond the concept of crossing between virtual and real and sets a borderless society by offering physical and digital experiences – those who are interested in investing in both physical and digital worlds are called Metasapiens.  

Chris: There is a presale preceding the public minting. How many tokens will be available for the presale? How can I guarantee my spot for gaining presale price benefits?

Robert: The presale preceding the public minting has ended! We had a whitelist mission event until May 9 and proceeded with a pre-payment method to reduce gas fees.  

Chris: Speaking of price, what will be the cost of minting one Supra NFT including gas fees? How will the cost be divided between the two components?

Caro: One SUPRA NFT is equivalent to 0.15ETH. Gas fees are according to Opensea.  

Chris: Moreover, what are your official communication channels for the NFT? How can one stay updated on the latest drops and rewards for the Supra token holders?

Felix: Our official communication channels for the NFT is our official SUPRA Discord and Twitter.

Chris: Before closing, please share the minting process of the token with the readers.

Robert: 1)SUPRA MULTIVERSE STAGE I NFT is an ERC-1155 token 

2)Holders of SUPRA MULTIVERSE STAGE I NFT will receive a digital twin reward by the end of this year  

3)Holders of SUPRA MULTIVERSE STAGE I NFT will receive a free airdrop of MULTIVERSE STAGE II NFT, which is an ERC-721 token. 

Chris: In the end, please share your roadmap and some of the key milestones that you want to accomplish in 2022.

Caro: Below is a summary of the key milestones that we want to accomplish in 2022.  

1. Fashion Digital Twin  

Offer fashion digital twin rewards exclusively to NFT holders. Holders will be able to physically wear items that are a replica of what their NFT is wearing.  


To be revealed through the metaverse in the year 2022, RARA is a virtual celebrity representing the SUPRA multiverse. Based on real-time engine and virtual human-AI solution, RARA enables real-time interaction with real people. STAGE I holders will receive an airdrop of a rare RARA NFT. RARA NFT holders will enjoy benefits such as priority release of RARA’s music, concert invitations, and event participation as fans and supporters.   
3. Grant holders to use NFT in various metaverse platforms 

Although the SUPRA MULTIVERSE STAGE I NFT is an ERC-1155 token, the next stage is an ERC-721 token, thus making it possible for holders to use their NFTs as a PFP.  

4. Offer benefits to SUPRA MULTIVERSE holders in the offline world (flagship store)  

Our first official flagship store will open by the end of 2022. SUPRA NFT holders will be granted VIP access to the store, and will be invited to exclusive holder access only events.