The First NFT ATM Was Installed in NYC's Financial District

New York City is the cradle of innovations. That's why the recent news on installing the first Neon platform's NFT vending machine in NYC's financial district was no surprise for the crypto community.

Thus, all Big Apple residents can purchase a couple of NFTs in a few clicks through the non-fungible ATM just on the way to the office or at any convenient time 24/7. 

It is also stated that it has never been so easy to buy NFTs as using the Neon ATM. Just select the tokens you want to possess, and pay using a debit card, credit card, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. The machine then dispenses a box with a code in it for the selected NFT. The only thing left is to scan the code. The newly bought NFT will be redeemable on the Neon platform automatically. No crypto wallets or special knowledge to hold a couple of cool NFTs are required.

We can only imagine the long lines in front of the NFT ATM formed by all willing to make use of the brand-new Neon NFT vending machine. The LinkedIn image of the new technological miracle shows that the machine attracts the users with the neon words: "Buy Colors," "Buy Pigeons" and "NFT ATM."

But all those who are crypto-savvy and are part of the fam can use the eco-friendly and highly efficient Solana blockchain to pay for NFTs via the Neon machine.

“While only 2% of Americans have digital wallets, 80% have a credit card or debit card," Jordan Birnholtz, CMO and co-founder of Neon, explained, continuing further, “That’s a 40-fold increase in an artist’s potential audience. We want to empower creators and digital artists whose work has often been undervalued.”

So, once you are heading to the Big Apple, take time to drop in on the business area for a couple of new NFTs!