Alice Lynx Alice Lynx 23.04.2021

NFT Calendar X NFTNDX.IO Partnership Announcement

NFTCalendar team is thrilled to announce their new partnership with NFTNDX.IO, a trusted NFT explorer project, that helps in checking the authenticity of the tokens and their original creators. NFTCalendar and NFTNDX will collaborate in different areas that will make sure to bring more value to the NFT enthusiasts and the NFT ecosystem, by offering all the needed tools and insights for collectors and visitors.

NFTNDX.IO will also be listed as an official partner of NFTCalendar.

Alex Metzger, NFTCalendar creator’s thoughts on the partnership:

“NFTNDX & NFTCalendar join forces for a new way of providing valuable informational services to the digital collectors, eliminating the unwanted trust issues, challenging the status-quo together, putting another brick in the foundation of the better NFT Ecosystem.”

NFTNDX’s Founder Ayoub Dardory added:

“The new partnership between NFTNDX and NFTCalendar will bring more value, transparency, and trust to the ecosystem, by providing a seamless experience to collectors through the journey of the NFTs they are interested in starting from or even before their listing date, which will make us an essential service in the NFT space.”