Unifred Unifred 22.03.2023

Nexon Partners With Polygon To Power MapleStory Universe

South Korean gaming giant Nexon has partnered with Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Polygon to improve the in-game offerings of its sensational NFT game, MapleStory Universe. 

To achieve this goal, the Asian game publisher would build a Polygon Supernet to empower MapleStory, expanding its in-game economy to unlock different opportunities for players on the platform. Polygon Labs will take over technical and business support for the game to make it even more exciting for players. 

At present, players use MapleStory's currency to buy or sell items from one another. However, with a Polygon Supernet, they will be able to earn and collect NFTs through the gameplay itself. In addition, players will also be treated to a bunch of benefits or utilities across the ecosystem. 

Ryan Wyatt, the president of Polygon Lab, disclosed that Nexon's plan to explore the Polygon Supernets for its blockbuster gaming franchise strongly indicates the future of blockchain gaming.

He also believes that South Korea is an essential market for bringing web3 gaming to the masses, and Polygon Labs is committed to offering multiple solutions to make that vision a reality.

As one of the leading game studios in South Korea, Nexon has launched several popular games, including MapleStory, KartRider, and Dungeon&Fighter. These games have generated billions of dollars in revenue for the company, with MapleStory alone generating over $4 billion since its inception in 2003. The game has more than 180 million registered players globally and a broad social media community. 

Last month, Nexon announced it was working on a specially localized version of MapleStory M, called The Legends of Maple, for Chinese gamers. The game will be published in collaboration with Tiancity and Tencent Games featuring classic characters such as Blue Snail, Slime, and Orange Mushroom.

The partnership between Nexon and Polygon will offer users a more extensive in-game economy and enhance the creation and management of NFTs. The deal shows that Nexon continues to be at the front of innovations, proving that the future of blockchain gaming is bright.