Unifred Unifred 21.03.2023

Sony Registers Patent for NFT Transfers Across Video Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment, the company behind the popular gaming console PlayStation, has registered a new patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to explore the ability to transfer NFTs within video games. Sony initially filed the patent on September 11, 2021, but only disclosed the details on March 16, 2023.

The patent titled NFT Framework For Transferring And Using Digital Assets Between Game Platforms marks the company’s latest foray into the emerging industry. The proposed solution would break the technological barriers limiting players from moving or using their NFTs between multiple games and consoles. 

"Current systems are technologically inadequate for the owner to use the assets across different games and platforms. The functionality of the game may be enhanced by enabling gamers and/or spectators to exclusively use the asset and possibly transfer its rights to others via NFT," the patent reads. 

In addition, Sony will also provide users with an opportunity to sell tokens to other players via a digital ledger-powered marketplace. The hallmark of this marketplace is that traders will be able to view the real-time value of NFTs as prices will be listed publicly. To crown it all, Sony has an alternative patent, revealing the brand’s plans to rent NFTs to players and stream viewers.

According to the patent document, digital assets could come in the form of in-game NFTs, items, or characters, as well as video game digital media representing moments of gameplay such as clips or images. The patent also proposes to reward players who complete a particular game level with special NFTs and other in-game perks or bonuses. 

While it is unclear when the company plans to launch the new cross-chain system for gamers, the (USPTO) website shows that Sony has received approval for 170 patents this year. 

Sony is one of the many electronics companies in the world, including LG Electronics and Samsung, to join the NFT bandwagon. The brand is continuously searching for new strategies and approaches to keep up with trends and enhance its users’ experiences. 

The potential integration of NFTs within Sony’s vast PlayStation empire could have a massive impact on the gaming industry and the future of blockchain-based games. The new patent application suggests a move in that direction, as it would empower gamers around the globe to interact with their NFTs on different games.