Salesforce Launches Web3 Loyalty Programs and NFT Support for Businesses

Customer relationship management software firm Salesforce has launched Salesforce Web3, an NFT management platform to help its clients create token-based loyalty programs. The release comes after the company's web3 pilot initiative based on 257,000 NFT transactions with Salesforce customers, including the renowned whiskey brand Crown Royal, fashion brand Scotch & Soda, and the leading toymaker Mattel.

The Salesforce web3 platform allows the integration of blockchain data into the CRM of any business for customers' identification and privacy, the seamless creation and deployment of NFTs on trusted PoS chains, as well as managing the web3 engagement across multiple channels powered by Salesforce Customer 360. The services are available through a subscription, providing businesses with a through-out NFT Management.

One of the most interesting and powerful things is access to first-party data. As regulations shift and Apple changes the rules around cookies, Facebook and brands don’t want to spend all this money with some of these organizations — the crypto wallet becomes really powerful, so I can directly engage with a customer and have access to that first-party data,” Adam Caplan, GM of web3 at Salesforce, commented on the initiative.

Thus, the NFT Management platform by Salesforce was crafted with the safety and sustainability of the firm's customers in mind. According to the company's officials, all NFTs minted on Salesforce Web3 are fully secured and audited with the help of green proof-of-stake blockchains. Additionally, the firm's Office of the Ethical and Human Use of Technology and Web3 Advisory will educate businesses on moral and ethical principles in web3.

Recalling the pilot launch, the initiative resulted in the drop of 215,000 NFTs by Mattel’s Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series, which came with physical Hot Wheels die-cast cars for selected minters. Scotch & Soda turned to Salesforce for its free NFT loyalty program named Club Soda 3.0. while Crown Royal minted over 20,000 tokens that were matched with the care packages of Crown Royal spirits for active military workers. 

A couple years ago, brands thought of NFTs as a revenue generator, and that is true to some extent still — Mattel sold out in 12 hours, it was a huge success,” Caplan said, adding, “But a lot of brands are seeing this as engagement as well, maybe there isn’t revenue and we should just giveaway these NFTs to drive personalization, community, the excitement of our brand and target a younger audience.

While the company's actions in web3 are being coordinated with big-name consulting partners such as Accenture and Deloitte Digital, AE Studio, Media Monks, TIME, and Vayner3, the doubts about Salesforce's web3 focus fall out on their own.

Having firmly stated its web3 and NFT straightforwardness, Salesforce is likely to win a lion's share of the customer software market on the blockchain. Time will show, stay tuned!