H&M Launches Loooptopia Metaverse Fashion Experience in Roblox

During the past year, the fashion industry became increasingly associated with the metaverse. Web3 initiatives have established themselves as one of the best modern ways to attract new customers and reward loyal ones. Thus, following in the footsteps of its colleagues, H&M has recently announced its first immersive gaming experience in the Roblox metaverse, dubbed Loootipia. 

A user-friendly, gamified Loooptopia is set on a big, vibrant metaverse square in the Roblox terrains, welcoming players to explore a variety of virtual worlds, such as Rainbooow Fields, Neon Studiooo, Fabric Fooorest, and Utopia City. It was developed in collaboration with Dubit, which is a renowned metaverse design platform that helps brands adjust their businesses to the metaverse.

The fashion-theme web3 game by H&M offers players an exclusive opportunity to create custom virtual wearables from a huge set of various materials and patterns. Moreover, H&M’s Looptopia on Roblox offers users social interactions through mini-games, styling sessions, and alternate worlds. At Loooptopia, players are also allowed to experiment with their looks, dressing their Roblox avatars in different self-made garments and trying on various digital identities.

Additionally, users will be enabled to experiment with the creation of VR performances on the metaverse runway by adding dance moves, music tracks, and special effects. The immersive designer experience is believed to attract younger audiences and boost online sales.

People who shop and wear H&M garments and accessories are increasingly spending time in virtual spaces and digital worlds. The H&M Loooptopia Experience on Roblox is now allowing us to explore new ways to engage with our current and new customers in the places they love to be, both online and offline,” Linda Li, head of the customer activation and marketing at H&M America said, adding, “In the coming years, H&M will continue to explore this fast-growing expanse of virtual and augmented realities.”

Although H&M's web3 initiative was released to entertain users during a holiday period, the fashion and retail brand aims to continue its metaverse expansion, experimenting with immersive virtual and augmented realities.

Thus, filled with so many fashion-themed digital experiences and the opportunity to boast of your creation and explore others', Loooptopia encourages youth to creativity and self-expression through avatars.

Haven't you still dropped by the Roblox metaverse to express yourself while creating and scaling your virtual wardrobe? If so, you'd better be quick, as this winter festive season is not going to last forever. Join the hub!