Chris Chris 14.03.2022

Holders will be able to Build Weapons, Change their NFT bio, and Claim next-generation drops — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Kevin: Kevin Sozanski, Anklehumper. Co-founder. Self-employed since 2013 and during these years I’ve worked as a marketer on many businesses. The most reputable ones are Philips, Unilever, and Snipitz. 

There are many big ideas in the world today that never make it beyond the idea. My passion is to find the best ideas and position them perfectly for growth. As an NFT & Crypto enthusiast, blockchain evangelist, and technical analyst, I’m deeply invested in the entire Crypto space as a whole.

Chris: The Metaverse is soon going to welcome The Defiants. What is the story of the development of this NFT? 

Kevin: We are the first community-driven Alpha NFT & Education platform. Our Legendary NFTs that carry weapons generate $CRUX tokens that fuel our entire ecosystem.

Chris: The Defiants are yield generating weapon-equipped NFTs. What yields are we talking about here? How do the weapons work towards making yields? 

Kevin: Only 2,888 Genesis NFT holders are granted yield-generating weapons that generate $CRUX tokens which can be spent in our laboratory.

The amount of tokens received is decided by the strength of your weapon attribute and by how long you decide to stake your NFT. Staking the NFTs is mandatory for yield. We’ve decided to take this route because it takes NFTs out of circulation and limits supply, therefore increasing their value.

Tokens are also distributed to community members that participate in The Brain Trust DAO, which rewards community members for providing alpha, contributing to the project, and sharing knowledge. Bounties will be offered for specific tasks that help the community thrive.

$CRUX is deflationary. The tokens used for crafting weapons and customizing NFTs will be burnt to reduce the total supply.

We have a detailed Tokenomics document here that gives an overview of the distribution of the tokens over a period of two years. You can read it here:

“As the community of players and NFT asset owners grows, $CRUX tokens will be gradually distributed to them such that in time the DAO will be fully community-owned and run.

In the future, $CRUX token holders will be given voting weight on the DAO’s governance proportional to their holdings in line with crypto industry best practices.

The $CRUX token value = α + β + γ ….+ ω

α represents the value of all NFT assets and its reward yields

β represents a multiple based upon the user base

γ represents yields from new items and breeding programs

The additional variables represent the full range of composite values from all $CRUX revenue-generating activities. The ecosystem that supports the community will consist of a wide range of complementary partnerships that maximize the value of the $CRUX token.”

Chris: Likewise, the $CRUX token helps in customizing the NFT. What kind of customizations can be done? 

Kevin: Holders will be able to build weapons, change their NFT name & bio, and claim next-generation drops. 

Balancing Tokenomics will be a continuous endeavor that we will manage by introducing new elements to our ecosystem.

These have not been decided on yet but may include aspects like:

Kevin: Next-generation NFT drops:

  • Additional armor, drones, weapons, et cetera;
  • Clones for Defiants (a breeding mechanism).

Spending -and burning $CRUX tokens for certain privileges like;

  • Buying allowance/access to partner projects;
  • Exclusive events like Masterminds, seminars, and parties;
  • Access to the council or higher ranks.

Our team will continuously be working on new features and functionalities to add utility and revenue for the community.

Chris: Meanwhile, the NFTs do come at a price. What is the estimated cost of one Defiant NFT? 

Kevin: Our pre-sale price is 0.06 ETH. The public sale price is 0.08. Our Pre-sale will have a higher drop-chance for a weapon drop, therefore increasing its rarity. Our current floor price on OpenSea for our sold-out 100 NFTs Genesis Stealth mint is at the time of writing 0.2 to 0.5 ETH

Chris: The presale is set to begin and you also have minting limits per transaction as well as users. Please help us understand the dynamics of buying the Defiants NFT. 

Kevin: We have set the max limit per wallet to 5 NFTs. This is to ensure a fair distribution amongst holders and create a healthy price floor. 

We do not want whales buying up our project as this would reduce the overall size of the community and hurt the community members that care for and participate in our project.

Chris: Thereby, how does one get on the whitelist to benefit from presale pricing? 

Kevin: We reward our active community members with daily whitelist and NFT giveaways first and foremost. The easiest way to get noticed is by helping out newer community members that are not familiar yet with the project.

Here are some other criteria that will get you whitelisted:

- Be active in the Voice Chat. We believe that VCs are where real relationships are built, and where the real alpha is shared.

- Stay active, friendly, and welcome new people to our Discord.

- Spread some love on our Social media and tag us:

- Be creative in the fan memes and fan-lore channels.

- Change your Profile Picture to one of our Defiant.

- Put | DEFIANT in your name.

Chris: Henceforth, what are your official channels of communication? 

Kevin: Below is an overview of our official channels of communication:






Chris: Clearly, the Defiants have been brought to the Metaverse with a lot of planning and preparation. What are some of the important steps you plan to take in the future for Defiants NFT?

Kevin: One of our main priorities is building out The Brain Trust DAO for educational purposes and incentivizing the community to start contributing to it on a more frequent basis.

The next crucial steps after launch are maintaining a healthy supply -and demand for the $CRUX tokens, by continuously adding value to the ecosystem.

We believe our value proposition is timeless, and we are here to stay.