Chris Chris 28.03.2022

Each Owner will Gain Access to the VIP Section — Founder's Interview

This time around we are talking to Xavier (xxl973 on the Discord) — CEO of Crazy Frogz Club.

Professional background: Professional Software Architect & Blockchain Specialist. Doing consulting for big corps for +10 years.

Chris: Crazy Frogz Club NFT is a collection of 2500 digital pieces of art. What was the reason behind picking the Frogz as your inspiration for the NFT collection?

Xavier: We picked frogs because we think it is an animal which is not loved enough and also despised by many. It reaaly suits our phylisophy at Crazy Frogz Club : No matter how loved or hated you are, and no matter how you look, there will always be a place for you : The Crazy Frogz Club

Chris: The Crazy Frogz are available for minting. What are the unique and defining characteristics of these Frogz that set them apart from the rest of the digital artwork NFTs?

Xavier: The Crazy Frogz have a unique look, and they have 15 different unique properties (Physical traits and background), which makes every Crazy Frogz more unique than most NFTs out there. There are also some special rare items in collection. We worked really hard to deliver a pretty unique collection.

Chris: Similarly, what will be the minting cost of each Crazy Frog NFT? What percentage of the cost goes as a minting fee?

Xavier: The minting cost is 0.08 ETH. This does not count the transaction fees.

Chris: More importantly, what does the investor receive when he mints a Crazy Frog NFT? In other words, what can he do with his digital art piece after purchase?

Xavier: Each Crazy Frogz Club NFT owner has a piece of the collection, and will gain access to the VIP section where the future of the project will be discussed. It will act like a DAO, where the members will have the right to propose, vote, and influence all the project directions. Some of these possible directions are a merchandising store; or creating a child collection.

Later on, we expect the possibility to go into the Metaverse, but it will be discussed in the Club with the members.

Chris: You have had a lot of giveaways prior to the public minting. Are there any more contests and giveaways coming up? Where can I find the latest updates about Crazy Frogz Club NFT?

Xavier: Currently, minting is only live for Whitelisted users, and there will be even more giveaways and whitelisting possibilities. You can find all the information in the Discord group, or on our Twitter account.

Chris: Specifically, please describe the process of minting for your potential investors.

Xavier: As of 03/29, Minting is live for whitelisted users. If you want to be whitelisted, try your luck in one of the many contests in the Discord.

Starting 04/11, Minting will be public.

To Mint, you must : 

- Go to our website

- Connect your Metamask ETH portfolio

- Select the quantity you want (1-5 NFT)

- Press the mint button (be sure you have enough ETH to cover the minting fees + transaction fees)

Chris: Besides, who are the main contributors to Crazy Frog Club NFT? Please introduce your hardworking team here.

Xavier: We are a complete and multi-talented team, and you can reach all of us in the discord for questions or opportunities.

xxl973 : CEO / Technical Lead

tahooranadeem : Designer

VAP: Project & Social Media Manager

Papa LAHI: Developer

Chris: In the end, we would like you to share some of the major goals you have set for the Crazy Frogz Club NFT for 2022.

Xavier: Our major goal for 2022 is to build a community around our Crazy Frogz NFT Collection.

As a group of tech and NFT enthousiasts, we will engage in more and more opportunities and projects in this space. The Crazy Frogz Club is only the first stepping stone.