Chris Chris 27.03.2022

Holders will be Able to Earn passive Income and Redeem our Royalties — Creator's Interview

This time around we are talking to Dmitry Velichko — CEO of Mushrooms Club NFT, taught himself crypto and became a self-made millionaire.

Today, he’s a seven-digit entrepreneur. His mission is to employ a million people over his lifetime, accelerate the advent of space commercialization, and donate 100% of his capital to education, child poverty, and science-related causes.

Chris: Mushrooms Club NFT was created by a diverse team. How did you all come together to create the token? Was it a striking coincidence or a well-thought-out path towards creating the NFT?

Dmitry: First of all, we are all friends from birth, and we are all from Ukraine. Together we worked on different crypto projects, and ultimately we were able to provide much value to other people.

The idea to create Mushrooms Club NFT was a well-thought-out path from the beginning. Everything was thought out to the smallest details.

Chris: It is intriguing that the Mushrooms Club NFT has a concept of a different kingdom comprising Mushroom head people. What are the other different traits that make each token of the collection unique?

Dmitry: Mushrooms exist all around the world and create a massive network among themselves. It’s like the internet, like blockchain. We compare the idea of this Networking.

The Mushrooms Club is a collection of 7,777 unique NFTs— unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

The collection was created using over 300+ unique traits, such as expression, headwear, clothing, etc. Every NFT is unique.

Chris: The tokens are quite different and colorful. How have you priced them? What percentage of the cost goes towards gas?

Dmitry: We priced our tokens almost with the lowest price because our primary goal is to bring value to our community. I’m sure after the sell-out, the price will go incredibly high.

We have no link to gas because the gas price is constantly changing depending on the load of the network.

Chris: Mushroom Club NFT picked the Ethereum Blockchain. Any specific reason for picking a blockchain that is overcrowded and slow?

Dmitry: I liked the idea of Vitalik Buterin, and I have a passion for Ethereum blockchain.

Chris: So, what is the minting date of the Mushrooms Club NFT? How many tokens will be up for sale at the public minting?

Dmitry: Mint date is March 31.
30% pre-sale, 70% public sale.

Chris: More importantly, the tokens are currently digital pieces of art. What more can the investor do with the token apart from collecting them?

Dmitry: First of all, we build Networking. Mushroom holders are joined instantly to the exclusive alpha community filled with top NFT and Crypto players. Holders will be able to earn passive income and redeem our royalties.

Chris: Additionally, where should one go to get the latest updates on Mushroom Club NFT? What are the official channels of communication?

Dmitry: White list Raffle -
Website - 
Discord -
Twitter -