Unifred Unifred 03.08.2023

Amazon Prime Partners With Mojo Melee to Offer Free NFTs to Subscribers

Retail giant, Amazon has joined forces with Mojo Melee, an NFT game running on the Polygon blockchain, to give away free NFTs and in-game currency to Amazon Prime subscribers.

Specifically, the partnership will allow Amazon Prime Gaming members to claim an NFT for the champion character Gwyn Rockhopper and receive 885 in-game Ore currency upon creating a new player account in Mojo Melee.

Mojo Melee's in-game progression system typically requires players to reach a certain character level before they can mint champions as NFTs. However, Gwyn Rockhopper is being exclusively offered as an NFT from the start as part of the partnership. This move allows Prime subscribers to engage with the game and gain an early advantage over non-subscribers. Players can choose to trade their digital collectibles or keep them for use in other games in the Planet Mojo ecosystem.

The Amazon-Mojo Melee deal will last six months and include additional offerings such as monthly drops of free in-game NFTs and exclusive content for Amazon Prime subscribers. 

Mike Levine, CEO of Mystic Moose, expressed excitement over the latest collaboration and assumed what it means for players.

"We're thrilled to be working with Prime Gaming to bring Mojo Melee to Prime members. With monthly free drops of on and off-chain items, this is a massive opportunity to let players enjoy our game and experience the power of web3 gaming assets," he said.

Developed by Mystic Moose, Mojo Melee is a kind of auto battler game with elements of chess and real-time strategy games. The game launched into open beta recently and is planning to enter Season 2.

Amazon Prime Gaming has already collaborated with other games to provide its subscribers with complimentary NFTs on multiple occasions. Its latest partnership with Mojo Melee is expected to further bolster engagement and excitement within the game while allowing Prime members to deeper explore the potential of Web3 gaming.