26 NFT collections launched on the 29th of December 2022

Egg Token by Eggthusiasts

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

A laid back NFT community with high utility and long-term benefits.

Holder perks:

Access to weekly whitelist spot raffles for other amazing NFT projects.

Access to holder-only channels, exclusive giveaways,...

Holographic Skies - Free Mint

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

Apophenic Art is pleased to announce their debut Art project "Holographic Skies - An Adventure in Apophenia" in the form of an excitingly fresh digital collectible collection and eBook. It...

Digital Animals website launch

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

Digital Animals is your pass to the Souls Club ecosystem:‬

‪- The play-to-mint game for iOS/Android

‪- 888 Legendary collection - different 1/1 art of animated animals...

Sleepies NFT Collection by WeSleep

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 07, 2023

While play-to-earn apps are not a novelty in the web3 space, the sleep-to-earn concept may cause a real splash. Who of you hasn't ever dreamt of earning while...

Kaxuki Whitelist

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 04, 2023

Want a chance to own the next Blue Chip but without the paid influencer marketing bs? Come join us on KAXUKI where 9800 unique NFT's will create next gen utility...


Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

ProjectWolvez is a community-driven collection inspired by 30+ NFT projects. It features 10,000 ambitious Wolves venturing out into outer space searching for resources to sustain their species. There are some...

Refraction of a Heart

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

When a human be, open his heart, allowing an external agent to flow with him, from the outside to the inside, accessing like warm liquid gold in to your...

Electromonkey Gang

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

Electromonkey Gang It's a collection of 19 gang members, each with their own unique story and personality.

Sleek Geek Season 1

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

Season 1. Drop 1. Sleek Geek x Liberty Square. Limited edition vinyl figure!

WeSleep: Koalas

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

WeSleep is a Web3 app with inbuilt Game-Fi elements rewarding users for their sleep time on a daily basis as well as incentivizing them to build a healthier and more...

YugiBao NFT

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

YugiBAO is a collection of 2,999 non-autogenerated, individually created 3D YugiBaos, powered by Morgana Studios, a well-known VFX and 3D Animation Studio located in the heart of Madrid, Spain. Morgana...

Solar Sentinels

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

Guardians of the sun


Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

This is BarbosulNFT,10k unique characters with beard and different traits. Public mint will be on 29 January2023. First mint will include 500nfts from 10k and will have a special price...

HopeFarm Christmas charity

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

Welcome to The Hope Farm Charity base Christmas NFT'S, There will be 10,000 unique generated IN 3 base charecters that are living on the polygon Blockchain and Design by professor...

Weird Wardrobe Fashion Club

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

Experience a world of endless fashion possibilities with the Weird Wardrobe Fashion Club . Weird is the new cool !

Minting is free for 24hrs or next 500 Weird Wardrobe...

Aline's Team

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

» alien's team  is launching a 10,000 nft collection of exclusive and randomized nfts living in the on the ethereum blockchain.

A collection built with utility & community;

»at alien'...

VesracBrickSquad Stone NFT

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

Real estate fractionalized NFT: Starts with 50 USDT investment in the VersacBrickSquad property BudaPart,Hungary representing fractionalized ownership of the property. This NFT gives you access to the Squad01 DAO.

Solana Soldiers

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

20,000 Soldiers deployed on the Solana Blockchain! Get ready for MetaWar!

Community driven roadmap voted on after mint out! Only .05 Sol !

Charity - Assistance and food for veterans!


Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

TheMEGLAND is a decentralized platform that unifies video game and crypto game enthusiasts on one innovative platform. A Metaverse universe where users can fight, build, own, govern and monetize their...

Happy New Flame

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

We all make mistakes, and every year we try to make them less, but not everyone succeeds. If the price of a mistake were the price of your life,...

Agori NFT

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

Agori is a unique Samurai inspired collection to you. Only 777 will exist in the genesis collection.

Richard Royal NFTea Club

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

The Royal Cats&Dogs is an official collection created by the Richard Tea brand (Richardtea.uk). It consists of 1,555 NFTs representing exquisitely depicted images of cats and dogs donning real historical...


Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

Meg4mint are robots from the childhood dimension who will be spawned here to explore our memories

1. A robot may not harm a human being or, remaining passive, allow a...

Cswap Origins: The Underdog Collection

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

CSWAP DEX is building the 1st NFT Centric DEX on Cardano with NFTfi and NFT Pawn!

Sale Starts: Thursday, December 29th, 22:00 UTC

These Stakeable MAX-Utility NFTs, ranging from Bronze...

Wombat Dungeon Master: Dungeon Worlds

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

Dungeon Worlds is the first expansion of Wombat Dungeon Master. Along with adding new content to the base game, Dungeon Worlds introduces custom dungeons, where the owners can decide, which...

AvoCuddle Official

Dec 29, 2022 – Jan 05, 2023

AvoCuddle is a community that is made up of our favourite fruit Avocado! They accept each other for who they are despite their colours and backgrounds. Every cuddle counts!