Cswap Origins: The Underdog Collection

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December 29, 2022 – January 05, 2023





CSWAP DEX is building the 1st NFT Centric DEX on Cardano with NFTfi and NFT Pawn!

Sale Starts: Thursday, December 29th, 22:00 UTC

These Stakeable MAX-Utility NFTs, ranging from Bronze to Platinum Tier, will pay out $CSWAP once NFT staking goes live on our Platform in the coming weeks.

The higher the tier, the more CSWAP you are to gain. This will be one of the earliest methods you can obtain these NFTs and the CSWAP Token.

1000 NFTs will be available for mint, and will include all FIVE designs in The Underdog Collection. You can purchase up to a MAX of 5 NFTs per transaction. First come first serve.

Each NFT will be priced at 150 ADA

Purchase Methods: Sending ADA manually to the purchase address displayed on our Web App or by purchase through our Web App

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