The Oocca Club Christmas Gift Box

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December 23, 2022 – December 30, 2022









Everybody has a feeling of giving around Christmas. We wish it could be Christmas every day. Or at least every month. With our free mint NFT giveaway, we want to share our feelings with you.

From December 18th, 2022 until December 25th, 2022, you can join the free mint and claim 2 NFTs as long as they're available! You can claim yours as soon as your wallet is whitelisted, so register your wallet now and mint your boxes today for free!

With the Oocca club artefact NFTs, collectors will enjoy a unique experience that bridges the past and present in an entirely new way.

The free mint comes in a Gift Box NFT that will be automatically “opened” on the second day of Christmas, Dec 26th, to reveal one of the 4 editions within the collection, the version you get is random.

In total there will be 4,444 free gift box NFTs from the Oocca club artefacts collection, and once opened it consists of 4 different artefacts with each a max supply of 1,111. Every wallet that meets the requirements can claim a total of 2 free gift boxes.

Complete the gleam giveaway tasks, and claim your FREE NFT, official link down below!

Claim your free NFT gift boxes before Dec 25th.

Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!

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