35 NFT collections launched on the 5th of October 2021

Famous Polygonians – Male Edition

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

A collection of some of the most influential and significant male people of all time living in Polygon Network as ERC-1155 citizens. A maximum of 5000 male famous polygonian citizens...

Launch NFT collection "Lucky bears and bulls"

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

NFT's collection "Happy Bears and Bulls" was created based on the analysis of the crypto market. During the bull run and the bear market, the most successful and profitable trades...

Masks of Ether NFT Launch

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 05, 2021

Masks of Ether is a unique NFT collection of 10,000 masks inspired by African tribal art. Traditional and tribal art is combined with a modern pixel art aesthetic to create...

MaticShells Giveaway and Presale

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 08, 2021

Introducing the first seashell NFTs collection in the NFTs space.

You ain’t never seen Seashells quite like this. Each MaticShell is entirely unique, with every detail painstakingly hand-drawn by our...

Geometric Minimal Series 2 by FoE

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 06, 2021

Geometric Minimal Series 2

A 9 part series and the 2nd collection of 47, under Experiment 939 by the Digital Artist FoE.

Under Experiment 939, No pieces have been sold...

Elementals by Blockchain Jewelers is Minting NOW

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 13, 2021

Elementals by Blockchain Jewelers is minting NOW at blockchainjewelers.io.

There will be 4900 pieces available to the mint at .069 eth per gem.

Each jewel is scientifically accurate in terms...

Kodama NFT Collection Starts Public Sale

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

After a public development process and a community presale on Clubhouse, Rational AF is releasing Alexander Suchy's sustainable Forest Spirit Collection on Solana. All buyers qualify for airdrops of their...

Take the Rorschach or

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

"PLEASE NOTE: this is the property of Sinden Psychiatric Hospital and must not be removed from the facility. The Rorschach images are generated by patients themselves as part of their...


Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 05, 2021

5555 WhatTheFoX are coming.

Catching them all will be something else, they are so fast! can you catch one?

The hunt will be worth it as they are different!


Crypto WallStreetsBets

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 10, 2021

Crypto WallStreetBets are 9630 art pieces with a one-of-a-kind digital collection of various NFTs that are stored on the Polygon Blockchain. Each one has been meticulously created, hand-picked, and perfectly...

Pixel Pig Color Code Collection

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 06, 2021

Release of the first Pixel Pig collection, Color Code! 

Each Pixel Pig is uniquely created and belongs to a specific collection. The first published collection is the Color Code Collection...

Crypto Pills-x

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

CRYPTO-PILLS X is a collection of 50 unique human designed animations launched weekly focused on the feeling produced by the tast of each one of the illustrated Crypto-Pills X mixing...

Grubby Pandas

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

The Grubby Pandas is a collection of 300 Grubby Panda NFTs digital collectibles. Camouflaged deep in the southwest region of the Metaverse will you find 300 of these furry fuzzy...


Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 05, 2021

The Poorly Drawn Lines NFTs is a collection of 351 unique NFTs who live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Poorly Drawn Lines (PDL) is a webcomic. It features mostly standalone comic...


Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

8,888 unique upgradable nactals. Built on #Solana.

The original creator of the fractal was mathematician Felix Hausdorff who composed the mathematical equation pathing the way for an infinite dimension of...

Cyber Cops Just Arrived on OpenSea

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

Cyber Cops are the result of an NFT experiment. 

They are a collection of 5,000 programmatically generated robots. All Cyber Cops have unique colors, with a limited number of them...

Point of Departure NFT Collection – [#1-3]

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

Point of departure, the beginning. The initial collection of unique, contemporary, and biomorphic artworks created by AM abstract.

A three-piece collection with each piece based on one of the three...

Watermelon High

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

These watermelons are high! Watermelon High is a collection of 4500 generative collectibles NFTs. No watermelons are the same. All of our watermelons are high but some of them are...

NFT Monstys

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 05, 2021

This project started last summer, it has created a small community full of love. During her vacation, the artist made a collection of digital images that she called Monstys (the...

Bank of Memories

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 05, 2021

BANK OF MEMORIES from the META-MIND REALMS series, where brain intangible processes are graphically represented. Like the creation of a thought, a feeling taking form, the birth of an idea...

SpreadsheetPunks Solana NFTs

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

SpreadsheetPunks are 888 unique, Excel-drawn, algorithmically assembled office workers who just want to create NFT art but are stuck at their desk jobs with no available tools except Microsoft Excel....

Dimension – Pete Rey Fine Art

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 06, 2021

Through the body of work ‘Dimensions’, REY takes us on a journey to blur the lines between the known and unknown, creating unique artworks to represent the transcendence of energy...

Get Out! NFT Launch

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 06, 2021

Get Out is an NFT project designed to rebuild the damage done by the COVID-19 virus. They are geared towards the buyer getting back to doing the thing love. They...

We Are Digital Natives Generation and We Are #sneakeraddicted

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 11, 2021

If sneakers could talk, what would they tell us? Through this limited collection, we want to give a voice to sneakers. It is a collection inspired by the most practical...

Pigsy VIMdispenser

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 05, 2021

On October 5th, 2021, the very first Headrush VIMdispenser event will be held!

Headlining the first Headrush VIMdispenser event is our brand new 7th and a main character VIM in...

2nd Collection: 5 NEW Tiny NFTs People!!!

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 05, 2021

From TinyNFTpeople, I want everyone to be represented by a variety of NFTs. Affordable, cute, original, diverse, and fashion, are some words that describe this project that has just been...

Beaver Crafter Club

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

10.000 unique ERC721 tokens stored in the Ethereum blockchain to use in their own metaverse. We are planning on building long-term trust, DAO and a social simulation video game as...

Covid Pass Punks

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

Covid Pass Punks is an NFT art project by artist Bischno. In a satirical way, he brings to light the controversial topic of the Covid passport, one questionable product of...

169 Pixel Gang

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 06, 2021

169 Pixel Gang is a collection of 6969 NFTs launching on Solana. 

169 Pixel Gang will become an animated adult TV show following a low-level street gang's attempt to make...


Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 10, 2021

We are a collection of 10.000 unique, randomly generated pepes hopping through the Avalanche blockchain. We aim to build an active, supportive community. We have lots of pre-launch events and...

Solana Towers MINT / 2500 Tokens – Tower 0 "Matrix"

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 05, 2021

Solana Towers is the first Utility NFT that generates recurring revenue for the holders by investing in metaverse real estate.

This project is a venture membership, which will enable everyone...


Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

Own a piece of the next major animated universe. Think Star Wars meet Pokemon, but you're in control. Welcome to YondoMondo!

Pre-sale starts on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

Join our...

Rich Gator Golf Club Official Release!

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 08, 2021

A place for swamp-sized deals and mud martinis... The Rich Gator Golf Club is a collection of 2222 unique Rich Gator NFTs. None can be duplicated and no more will...

Evil Elves Club

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 06, 2021

The Evil Elves Club is a collection of 5,555 randomly generated unique elves. Each Evil Elf is unique and generated from over 125 unique traits including Outfit, Sunglasses, Jewelry &...

Rogue Party – NFT Presale Event

Oct 05, 2021 – Oct 10, 2021

We are Rogue party, an NFT with 5 battle-ready animal recruits. Unlike other NFT Rogue party is based on a storyline of the animal recruits in a search mission for...