Dimension – Pete Rey Fine Art

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October 05, 2021 – October 06, 2021





Through the body of work ‘Dimensions’, REY takes us on a journey to blur the lines between the known and unknown, creating unique artworks to represent the transcendence of energy flows into the 'Quantum' and beyond. Deeply inspired by the work of Dr Joe Dispenza in the field, REY takes original captured photographs and transforms the subjects through various digital painting techniques and artistic effects, to produce breathtaking pieces of large-format art.

Upscaling their size to mesmerizing wall-sized prints of up to three meters across and working in a true 16-bit color palette (65,536 tones) to produce stunning image gradations, REY brings to us an entirely unique and original style of art creation, bringing new perspectives to the world around us in a series of limited edition digital NFTS and prints.

Tags: #art

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