NFT Monstys

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October 05, 2021 – October 05, 2021





This project started last summer, it has created a small community full of love. During her vacation, the artist made a collection of digital images that she called Monstys (the adorable monster who lives a meaningful life) and you can choose different moods. She sold them as non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The work is made up of 200 Monstys that are coming onto the market in a trickle. Behind it is a game project. Monstys are a reflection of the life of meaning. "I love digital and design! I work alone so I go step by step and my designs are not created with any type of code, they are created one by one with love. I really appreciate the trust placed by my community.

There is a wonderful world around the nft and I hope we all enjoy this. Have a good time, meet people and have fun doing what I love the most. "

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