Evil Elves Club

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October 05, 2021 – October 06, 2021



The Evil Elves Club is a collection of 5,555 randomly generated unique elves. Each Evil Elf is unique and generated from over 125 unique traits including Outfit, Sunglasses, Jewelry & much more. We are giving away over $50,000 throughout our mint process, we have gained 3k members in just 2 days of promotion.

Join the discord for DAILY GIVEAWAYS and updates https://discord.gg/evilelvesclub

- Invite Contest + Activity Contest
- Daily Ethereum giveaways to the community.

20% SOLD
10 Evil Elves will be sent to the first 20% random minters.

40% SOLD
10 NFT giveaways for Twitter community & top shillers.

60% SOLD
10x 1ETH giveaway to random Evil Elves holders.

80% SOLD
25 unique Evil Elves will be sent to random holders.

100% SOLD
Use funds to bring new high-ticket partnerships to keep the hype going & raise floor.

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