Cybergoats 2nd Wave (MILK THEM) – rNFT – Remunerative NFT Launch

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September 28, 2021 – October 03, 2021






Cybergoats is the world's first rNFT collection that enables its hodlers to milk Ethereum from the sales and resales of other Cybergoats. An rNFT (Remunerative NFT) is an enhanced form of a traditional non-fungible token. In addition to the NFT component, the Artsy Assets software monitors the blockchain and enables rNFT owners of a particular collection to collect Ethereum payouts based on subsequent blockchain activity of other owners. The first limited drop on Rarible sold out.

ERC-721 token ID: CYBR.

Cybergoats are actively moving towards a DAO model, where goat owners influence the project's further development. The project is under active development—1 goat, 1 vote.

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