169 Pixel Gang

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October 05, 2021 – October 06, 2021



169 Pixel Gang is a collection of 6969 NFTs launching on Solana. 

169 Pixel Gang will become an animated adult TV show following a low-level street gang's attempt to make it to the top of organized crime. 

After 50% NFTs have been sold, production will begin on the pilot episode. We are intending to spend a similar budget per episode as other popular animated shows, and hope to finish and begin pitching to studios by Mid 2022.

Each of the NFTs will be based on the body shape of one of the main characters in the show, with additional items like clothing, masks, and weapons.

The founder is doxxed on Youtube and regularly posts project updates. There is an amazing writer on board, and the creator has a long history of starting and running businesses.

We will be spending a big budget on PR promotion post-launch to get international media attention. If you don't own a Solana NFT yet, this could be the one for you.

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