Angry Baboon SNFT

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October 07, 2021 – October 14, 2021



Today 30th of September our VIP minting will start at 4PM UTC!

Here is how it will work:
1. The link to the VIP dApp will be shared on our Discord server, and first come first served will apply.
2. On the dApp you will be able to buy your VIP card (NFT), this card is to lock in your position and VIP role.
3. Before we launch Round 1 to the public you will be able to exchange your VIP card for 15 automatically assigned NFTs from the real collection. ( those will be airdropped to your purchasing wallet )
4. After you have minted your VIP card, please DM me your wallet address so I can add your Discord ID to the list of VIP members instead of exposing your wallet address.

VIP Price will be 1.5 SOL for 15 NFTs, which gives you the price of 0.1 SOL / NFT. The price for Round 1 on public sales will be 0.2 NFT, the price for Round 2 and 3 will be discussed after Round 1 has been filled.

Angry Baboons is a collection of 10,000 angry monkeys living on the Solana blockchain.
We have crawled out from the bowels of the jungle, and the burning depths of hell, angry and frustrated from all the lies and deceptions generated within the crypto space. Sadly, many of our fellow troops have fallen victim and are now are also lost and angered. This has driven us to to the realization that we need to band together and help those irate baboons find their way and join us in creating the biggest troops off the angriest baboons the crypto space has ever seen. Together we will create the most ambitious and rare infuriated baboons found on the market, and aggressively release them to the world in all its fury. With 10,000 angry baboons to be minted, there is a greater chance of minting that furious rare baboon that will be aggressively sought after, and highly collectible. Turning this space into the largest and most infuriating troops of baboons ever to be released. So why don’t you join us in creating our angry troops, and release the fury within your angry baboon? Together we will unite and take the crypto world by storm in all its fury.

Tags: #art

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