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November 28, 2022 – December 05, 2022



YOMI by Rogue Studios is a collection of high-quality 3D Samurai that are utility-driven NFTs providing access to the SaaS products we develop and the revenue generated from them. We've built a sustainable business model that doesn't rely on secondary sale royalties. We don't want to just be a part of the NFT ecosystem, we want to reinvent it. We're utilizing the underlying tech of NFTs by sharing the revenue we generate with each and every one of the YOMI holders.

YOMI NFTs are backed with a liquidity pool funded with 50% of the profits generated from the Rogue Studios Self-Hosted NFT Marketplaces (SHM). Read more about our self-hosted marketplaces & how they will innovate the entire ecosystem here: https://docs.roguestudios.io/yomi-nfts/self-hosted-nft-marketplaces-shm

We are creating a liquidity pool that automatically receives a portion of our revenue, YOMI holders gain the ability to profit when we do. The self-hosted marketplaces are just one of our avenues of funding the liquidity pool.

YOMI NFT holders can stake their NFTs in our non-custodial staking platform. Staked NFTs will earn $YOMI tokens that can be swapped on a DEX for $USDC. The liquidity pool on the DEX combined with staking facilitates the revenue-sharing model, thus allowing holders the ability to earn 50% of the revenue generated by our SHM.

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