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May 01, 2023 – May 08, 2023







Dogface Labs Launches Xeno Mining: The Next Frontier in Renewable Energy Crypto Mining NFTs

Auckland, New Zealand  - Dogface Labs, the world’s first military ,veteran and first responder NFT production lab on OpenSea, has announced the launch of Xeno Mining, a revolutionary renewable energy crypto mining NFT. This unique project features 18 legendary NFTs that offer increased hash power and 300+ traits across an exclusive 4018 NFTs, providing unparalleled real-world utility and ROI for its holders while diving into military and first responder Lore.

With a fully doxxed team and legal audit, Xeno Mining has secured initial funding for its facility and is ready to revolutionize the crypto mining industry. Building on the success of their four previous sold-out projects, Dogface Labs has the experience and know-how to take Xeno Mining to the next level.

Xeno Mining offers a range of exciting features, including crypto mining rewards, where 60% of profits from Xeno Mining will be given to holders, an $AMMO token with staking engine and liquidity pool, renewable mining of Bitcoin, Kadena, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, and a 100% free NFT Academy. Additionally, Xeno Mining provides mental health spaces weekly to provide support to the community.

But that's not all! A Holder Retreat and Crypto Mining Farm are soon to be built, and $AMMO SWEEP Bonuses And Prizes are also available, making Xeno Mining an unprecedented opportunity.

"We're thrilled to introduce Xeno Mining, a groundbreaking project that combines renewable energy and real-world utility to revolutionize the crypto mining industry," said Paul Benvenuti, the Dogface Labs CEO. "We're committed to giving back to our community and supporting our veterans, and we donate 10% of all project revenue to build our Veteran Therapy Center."

The highly anticipated minting for Xeno Mining begins on May 1, 2023, with a limited supply of 4018 NFTs, 1000 NFTs at Phase 2 available for $200 USD and 2018 NFTs at Phase 3 available for $250. Phase 1 has already sold out via word of mouth presale, but an allowlist is available at https://www.premint.xyz/xeno/.

About Dogface Labs:

Dogface Labs is a military and first responder NFT production lab that honors and showcases our nation's heroes. This project provides a space for veterans and military personnel to come together and share their experiences, with a strong focus on community.

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