X Factions Launch

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January 09, 2022 – January 16, 2022





Resistance has been suppressed. 

Last 7000 Xenonians are divided into 4 factions living under a totalitarian regime. To supress the rebelion, the regime gives all monthly royalties from sale to 1 of the factions each month. Factions need to battle in many games to win the royalties for their faction.

While minting on January 9, there will be 30 Golden Jokers hidden among 7000 X Factions NFTs. Those lucky enough to mint a golden joker will immediately get $10'000 transferred to them.


Presale: Jan 7
Public: Jan 9

Presale price: 0.06 ETH
Public price: 0.07 ETH

Check Discord for WL spots.

Launch Roadmap:

- 0%: Join our Discord and earn $ACE by playing different games on Discord. ($ACE buys roles and physical X Factions merch)

- 10%: You can purchase X faction merch with $ACE coins

- 50%: 30 1/1 Xenonians will be revealed and will be later dedicated to Whales (top 30 holders)

- 70%: Battle over OS Royalties. The great battle over Opensea Royalties starts. Only 1 faction takes them all.

- 85%: Charity Donation: 10 ETH will be donated to a charity dedicated to people in the real world who live under real suppressive totalitarian regimes.

- 100%: Reveal: 72h After the collection is sold out, the X Factions NFTs will be revealed. 30 snapshots of top wallets will be taken. Transfer of 30 1/1 Xenonians to the whales. Transfer $10'000 to those who minted the Golden Jokers.

Development Roadmap:

- Meta Battle Royale Game Development: after we sell out we will start developping the Battle Royale game where you can use the NFTs as Avatars.

- In Game marketplace: $XENON will be the currency of the X Factions Battle Royale Metaverse Game, you can purchase skins for guns and gears with $XENON.

- Holder's Rewards : We will reward the holders with various special events, physical and digital gifts and more to come on discord.

- Metadata Upgrades: Use $XENON to upgrade the metadata of your NFT which will increase the value of your NFT (such as zombies, mecha and aliens).

- Floor Sweeping Vault: we will dedicate a portion of funds to the Floor sweeping vault to ensure the price of X Factions NFTs don't get below minting price.

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