Winamp Original Skin-Based NFTs

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May 16, 2022 – May 31, 2022






The kids of the 1990s - 2000s all know and love the legendary media player for Microsoft Windows, Winamp. Amidst the overwhelming NFT craze, Winamp is about to set its foot on the non-fungible grounds by auctioning off its original skin NFT alongside selling another 20 skin-based tokens.

The auction of the 1:1 Winamp original skin NFT will be held on the OpenSea marketplace starting from May 16th and up to May 22nd. According to Winamp, 20 digital artists will create 20 NFTs, derived from the Winamp original skin. Thus, there will be 19 derivatives in 100 editions and the remaining one will be sold with 97 editions, reaching the total amount of 1997 Winamp NFTs. The number of tokens in the collection symbolizes the year when the media player was launched. The derivatives will go on sale on May 25th at 0.08 ETH, while the list of creators behind the drop will be published by Winamp on May 18th. Resellers will be free to set any price they want.

By the way, all those creative personalities who are interested in leaving their names in the history of Winamp, have already submitted their artworks for consideration. By the way, to become part of the drop those NFTs had to meet a number of criteria, including being a natively digital piece of art, being an original Winamp derivative, having never been published anywhere before the submission, and more. In addition to fame and world recognition, each creator will be rewarded with 20% of the proceeds from the primary sale and 10% from royalties. 

The rest of the money raised will be forwarded to charity, namely to support Winamp Foundation to "help musicians across the world create music they love."

Although Winamp NFTs are not backed with the rights of ownership, they are of great interest to collectors engaged in the history of digitalization.

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