Troll Face NFT

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January 28, 2023 – February 04, 2023



.3D version meme Troll Face NFT for web3!

The Rage Comics OG Internet memes, including The Troll Face meme, are more than comic cartoon faces, more than any other type of meme, it is the most widely known OG meme face on the Internet, wearing a mischievous smile. Troll Face is built on the internet and should always remain available in online web

Thus, Since cryptocurrencie is a valuable currency developed on the digital web, and Troll Face is a OG meme that is built on the Internet, combining blockchain with a decentralized Finance, a 3D version of the Troll Face NFT was developed, that merges memes on web2 as NFT to bridge them into web3 monetization, for decentralized community to symbolize funny internet trolls on web3 and monetize memes for fun.

The first SOLANA meme NFT project
Bridge Web2 memes into Web3 world
The First Community that Belongs To Successful internet memes monetization
A cool funny collection of 6,969 Troll Face on the SOL Blockchain
Whitelist Pre-sale mint will be 50% cheaper than public-sale mint
The most fun hyped 3D art meme NFT
All benefits from online to monetize memes

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