Crypto Buddha

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January 17, 2023 – January 24, 2023









Welcome to the Brand New Metaverse dimension! Crypto Buddha is launching a wave of Magic Affirmation NFT. And they`re already listed on Ethereum blockchain.

It`s the first 3D Gold Cards animated collection of unique NFTs that has a voice of awareness and spirituality in the digital world of metaverse.

What is it all for? It`s guide signs from the Universe for manifesting the best life according to your genuine intentions and your authentic self. Taking these 3D Gold cards as road guidance tools that lead and support you on your reality path you affirm and create a life full of Love, Abundance and Joy.

Each 3D Gold card has it`s own neuropsychoverbal visualized formula that contains linguistic code, specially selected colors, shapes and authentic figures.

Now the collection is presented in 3D digiital gallery Crypto Buddha Space Temple.
And more interesting collaborations are on its ways.

Just take it and Let the magic happen

Tags: #art

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