Void Entity

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May 13, 2022 – May 20, 2022



With the launch of our website, the void entity is now open to new members

Into the void! 

Our members are enlighted by collaboration, understanding and participation. The voids are a light in the dark. Yes, voids are lit and you may be one of them! The void entity excels in alpha, staking, and gaming.

There will be 8500 voids on the ethereum blockchain, minting is anticipated on the 10th of september 2022. Whitelisted members will have to priviledge to mint before public. Before mint, whitelisted members will have a whitelist pass nft airdropped in their wallet that offers utilities beyond whitelist mint.

Whitelisting citeria are:
1. Reaching level 10+ in our discord https://discord.Gg/voidlings
2. Invite 10 or more verified to our discord
3. Twitter giveaways https://twitter.Com/voidentities
4. Collaborations with other communities

-> the void entity team is fully doxxed. 

-> there is a community economy operational in our discord, various options are present to earn and spend void tokens (¥void).

-> there is a welcome bonus for new discord members of 5000 ¥void

-> close to mint, ¥void can be exchanged for our erc20 coin, black coins ($black)

-> directly after mint, voids could be staked generating $black

Please do no hesitate to visit our website and learn more about the void entity project. You are most welcome to join our friendly community in discord or on twitter 

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