The Spiritual DAO

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January 19, 2022 – January 26, 2022





1,111 Astrology-based membership-pass NFTs for access to The Web3 Spiritual Community.

We’re building a community of wellness, The Spiritual DAO, and the Astral Kingdom NFT Collections serve as membership passes to join!

Beginning with Capricorn, the Astral Kingdom will release an NFT collection for every zodiac sign. Profits fill a treasury and community members decide upon further developments.

3 one-of-one 3D NFTs will be released with mint and 7 will be auctioned off with profits filling the DAO’s treasury. We’re building towards 4D character avatars, where community members can enhance their NFTs with experience over time.

Holders of Astral Kingdom NFTs will be given:

Access to a community of spiritual souls striving for financial freedom

Governance rights over community growth

Airdropped 3D Capricorn models and DAO fungible tokens

The DAO’s whitepaper shares details about our mission, vision, values, and plans for the future. If you align with these, feel free to join the community before the mainstream does. We’ll be back again next month with the Aquarius collection

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