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January 06, 2022 – January 13, 2022





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About UniFriends

Unifriends is a 3D NFT project featuring 10,000 completely unique generative unicorns with varying traits and rarity. Unifriends will have a play-to-earn token UNIFRN. The UNIFRN token will be earnable within our mini-games platform. UNIFRN will also be airdropped to hodlers and developers of the project.


The token supply (100,000,000) has been created and distributed to the lead developer (sbmitchell.eth) for the time being. The tokens will be moved to a token vesting / timelocked contract once we are ready with the gaming contracts to hold the token. The tokenomics and scheduling/cliff of tokens will be fully outlined pre-drop.

100% of secondary sales will go back to the community and liquidity pool. Future drops for items or upgrades will be bought with the UNIFRN token.

Physical metal card of mint!!

Each Unifriend you mint will come with a 0.8mm metal card with a QR code that directly links to your NFT, shows you were the original minter, and provides a quick breakdown of the minted properties. This is a nice keepsake and can be sold with the digital asset as a bundle if the original owner chooses. Brought to you by Lux Metal Card.

Our site will have a post-mint distribution form to handle shipments. We will be charging the minters shipping fees as we cannot account for all global shipping costs but the card manufacturing itself is all taken care of by us!


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