NFT Drop, Celebrating TrueFi’s launch on Optimism

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July 31, 2022 – August 07, 2022



Powered by project galaxy, this drop is open to all users who join the truefi dao community.

In summary:

Free nft drop: truefi is dropping a free optimism nft in celebration of our launch on optimism network, with the support of project galaxy. Visit our campaign here.
How to qualify: users will need to join the truefi discord, follow and engage on twitter, and submit their eth wallet info — then verify each of these credentials here — to be whitelisted to mint.
Benefits: truefi nft ownership ties into real-world and virtual benefits, such as attendance to truefi-affiliated events, swag drops, special discord perks, and more to come.
When: the drop period will run for 45 days, starting july 27th, 2022, until september 10th, 2022, though credentials may be earned right now. 

Truefi is proud to be defi’s leading capital market for crypto-native and real world credit, now with over $1.6 billion in originations and no declared defaults. Since defi’s first uncollateralized loan in november 2020, both the truefi protocol and its community have grown and developed dramatically.

New to truefi? Glad you’re here.

Get a brief intro here or dive into our updated litepaper.

Even with these milestones, it’s our most recent protocol update we think is cause for celebration: the launch of truefi on optimism network, bringing crypto-native and real world credit to a whole defi ecosystem.

As a thank you to our growing and committed community, and in celebration of truefi’s new network launch, we’re proud to launch truefi’s first nft — with a free mint on optimism — as both a thank you and added incentive to get involved in truefi’s path forward.

Acting as both a badge celebrating your early involvement in truefi and opening the door to some real world and digital perks, the truefi x optimism nft will run an uncapped mint for 45 days starting july 27th, 2022, until september 10th, 2022. Truefi community members can mint their nft on optimism using project galaxy anytime during this span, so long as they have completed and verified the 4 necessary credentials.

Minting on optimism, the optimistic rollup l2

Besides being the network to which your truly optimistic nft will be minted to, optimism is a layer 2 blockchain that solves ethereum’s scaling dilemma while maintaining ethereum’s strong security guarantees. Consider the token a tribute to our recent launch on the l2 optimism blockchain, where users will experience faster speeds and lower gas fees to broaden access to truefi’s ever growing user base — all while keeping the protocol integrated in the ethereum ecosystem! Learn how to use optimism on truefi here.

Read on to learn about the nft and its benefits, and how to earn your very own

Meet “truly optimistic,” our truefi x optimism nft

Meet truly optimistic, truefi’s first nft. We chose to emphasize four design elements in our design, which we may build on for future nfts:

Just a teaser — head to galaxy to see truly optimistic in full-motion glory

Liquidity: truefi’s main goal is to become the infrastructure for global lending, helping capital move most effectively to where it can create the most value — just like water. We emphasize truefi’s liquidity with the in-logo fluid dynamics.
Stability: with over +100 loans completed, no declared defaults, and a perfect record of technical security, we baked truefi’s sustainability and trustworthiness into this first nft drop. We let truefi float over a solid base, standing firm under any conditions.
Transparency: by moving lending on-chain, truefi necessarily makes lending more transparent, keeping track of every loan and repayment and helping the defi ecosystem build a record of creditworthiness of each borrower and pm — reflected in the choice of glass for the truefi logo.
Interoperability: emphasizing truefi’s ambitions to grow its lending ecosystem through integrations and partnerships, we recognize the protocol’s success is built on partners and community by dedicating a portion of our logo to reflect our partner, optimism.

We plan to explore this base design for future nft drops, and would love your feedback on future partners or design directions to pursue. Let us know in discord!

Benefits of holding the truefi x optimism nft

As truly optimistic is only the first of a handful of unique upcoming truefi nfts, the full scope of benefits and the deeper integration of these nfts with truefi’s protocol is yet to be announced. In the future, we expect to launch nfts around participation in the protocol (such as with governance or as a lender), alongside our most valuable partners, and are exploring nfts as a means of tracking borrower & portfolio manager creditworthiness across defi.

While additional functionality may be designed directly with the truefi community in our discord and forum, the truefi x optimism nft launches with three starting benefits:

Alpha discord: access to a dedicated discord channel (to launch during or after the campaign) in the truefi community, with occasional truefi alpha, and the perks below.
Swag airdrops: occasional free drops of real truefi swag for nft holders, while supplies last, of both our year-round and limited edition apparel and accessories.
Vip event access: first pick of ticketing to often sold-out truefi & partner events (like truefi’s recent sold out eth cc party with makerdao) at major global conferences and in key defi cities.

Truefi is run by tru holders, who decide the future of the protocol. We think it’s only fair truefi’s token and nft holders are the ones to decide the future of this nft. We hope you’ll claim yours and join us in charting its future!

Claiming this nft now, which will no longer be available for minting after the 45 day period, proves you’ve been with truefi in these early days of financial infrastructure design, at the pivotal moment of truefi’s move cross-chain.

How to claim your truefi x optimism nft

Before we get started: be sure to complete your social profile on galaxy’s website. You will have to enter a username, verify your twitter, and discord accounts, all to be signed via metamask to confirm your accounts on-chain. Once you have those credentials set up, you can then complete the credentials below and mint your nft.

To claim your truefi x optimism nft, you must complete four credentials tracked in the official project galaxy campaign page:

Join the truefi dao on discord and gain the community member role, which requires joining the truefi dao discord and pressing the appropriate emoji in the #start-here channel. Once you’re in, introduce yourself in the #random channel!
Follow truefi on twitter and retweet our optimism announcement
Fill out the google form to whitelist your ethereum wallet and confirm your social profiles.

Don’t forget: once the tasks are completed, they must be verified on truefi’s project galaxy campaign to count!

Credentials are updated every 30–60 minutes, so if you’ve successfully integrated all the necessary accounts to galaxy and you’re confident you completed a task appropriately, it’s worth waiting and refreshing the page later in the day.

For any support with nft mints, visit our telegram channel or ask in #random on discord.

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