A Shared Experience

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August 06, 2022 – August 13, 2022





A Shared Experience ~ A Video Poem that is an NFT and available on Opensea/Polygon and Voice. This poem doubles as access to an event that takes places in the metaverse via spatial.io across 3 different metaverse spaces. Project 76 has created & is hosting an experience to be shared with the holders of this NFT. There are a total of 80 in inventory. 5 as Giveaways, 35 on Voice and 45 on Opensea. They have unlockable content & by providing your email address you will receive a private invite link on the day of the event. The event will be on Aug 6th & 7th 2022 at 2pm eastern in Spatial.io. Instructions will be provided in advance for attendance, so it is okay if you are unfamiliar with Spatial. A stable internet connection will be needed to attend. Preference for days will go to those who purchase first. This gives access to a Spoken Word Event, and 1st access before opening to the public to 2 other metaverse spaces.

This NFT video poem will provide access to Project 76's Spoken Word Event. This is the first Event to take place at the Ovelliun Gallery.

Together, we will then portal to a metaverse space that tells the story of Project 76's House of Rarities. This space is meant to be fun and exciting. We will have so much time to find the portal to peace to escape the invasion.

The portal to peace will take us to The House of Rarities Intergalactic Gallery. Creative Talents NFT Magazine will be present. Select attendees will have their avatar photo and comments featured in an upcoming issue. Here you will experience art, poetry, music and more from over 18 talented creators across the globe who worked together to achieve growth.

Profits from NFT sales will pay all poets for their performance. Profits will also provide a very talented artist and Project 76 member, Odil Johnson, the opportunity to be present in web 3 as well as help his irl community. Odil lives in Nigeria and due to limited resources he is unable to be present on Twitter, list his work, or be present in web 3 at all. By purchasing this NFT video poem, A Shared Experience, Odil will have a premium internet package, an art tablet, and funding to help his community obtain basic necessities such as food. When you buy this NFT poem, you are providing Odil the opportunity to be a present, and together we will all be a part of A Shared Experience. 

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