Luminous Unicorns Club

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September 01, 2022 – September 08, 2022



Luminous Unicorns Club is a collection of 10,005 3D NFT's living in the Ethereum blockchain. Each unicorn is unique and is exclusively developed based on divergent traits. A Unicorn is an archetypal of all people, irrespective of their gender, race and colour. Unicorns correlete with the pride community and women's rights and empowerment and stand as their spirit animal and a champion for their fight toward equality and representation. This collection symbolises a desire for a better world where all people are treated fairly and equally and provided with equal opportunities and absolute freedom of choice.

The Unicorns represent people worldwide and traits go beyond the diversity of just skin colour. Luminous Unicorns Club allows art lovers to own a unique piece of art while making the NFT space more diverse and inclusive.

As a Luminous Unicorn Club NFT holder, you join us on our journey as we celebrate inclusion and representation in web3 while supporting principal causes in our society.


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