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March 29, 2022 – April 05, 2022





This project was created with the intent to build and educate a community and to welcome newcomers who don’t have any experience inside the wild world of crypto. We plan on providing five 1 hour Solidity lessons for aspiring blockchain developers, and 8 Day trading/Crypto lessons for all members of our community to help teach you all the fundamentals of what will be our future for the years to come. White list members in our community will get access to 3 exclusive NFT lessons as well. Helping further expand their knowledge on NFT investing we will give you tips/ tools/ and show you the basics of NFT’s. For supporting us and learning from us we want to give back to our community with many giveaways and rewards through our Mint map. This is all in order for you to have a real fun and easy time with this expensive but lucrative business. Just know it's important to learn and turn losses into victories. By supporting us you can change not only your life but The Mugs as well

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