The Scoobs

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May 14, 2022 – May 21, 2022





Welcome to The Scoobs, a legendary collection of 5,000 computer generated NFTs.

The Scoobs come to life from different time periods. Now they are UNITED and more than ever ready to CONQUER!

There are 15 Legendary Scoobs in our family of 5,000. These 15 special Scoobs are the leaders in their own groups—each one original and exclusive. Owners will also receive an exclusive membership to our HODLER’S CLUB.

What’s the Hodler’s Club? This club will grant access to three ultra-exclusive events throughout the year—events where celebrities and well-known personalities from the NFT space will be in attendance. Feeling excited? The first event will be held in Paris, France. These events will also welcome degens from other communities that will make collabs with Scoobs. More details in Discord.

Once the mint is complete, we will start developing Stage 2 of the project in which we will introduce breeding functions for The Scoobs and the launch of $Coobs Token. ( for more)

Afterwards, we will implement a DAO only for people who breed. 50% of the royalties from that moment on will be used to invest in projects for the DAO. Our goal is to incentivize long term holding of The Scoobs. Increased value over time!

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