The Puffers Club

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022





Welcome to the Puffers Club, You’ve entered  a prestigious Private Club Where 10,000 High Quality Puffer NFTs Gather, and Elevate Their minds. These Puffers are unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Puffer NFT Serves as your membership into this prestigious society. It grants you access to Members-Only benefits.

Finding the best smoke takes time so we’re in this for the long run.We’ve set up some Goals for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin to work on releasing  The Puffers Club at The Puffers Lodge in MR (mixed reality) and on the metaverse. When you own a Puffer You will gain direct access to some of the top cannabis growers, sellerers, labs , store, investors and more. Access to Cannabis lawyers, advisors, and mentors to help you start your own cannabis business or invest in pre established cannabis businesses.

More exclusively for every one puffer you own, you will lease 10 square feet of an overall acre of a top grade cannabis  farm in real life you will receive monthly $bread coin for as long as you hold the puffer connected to that plot. you will receive 1% of the profits in ($bread) from the cannabis grown & sold 

that you can trade in for real money.Owners will be able to vote on the strains grown on their plots.


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