The Magnificent Misfits of the Chelsea Hotel

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October 03, 2022 – October 10, 2022





Introducing the definitive collection of legacy NFTs representing the famous, infamous, and accomplished Artists that lived, worked, and played at the former Chelsea Hotel, NYC – 333 1/3 unique Master Magnificent Misfit tokens on minting today, till the 2nd of October!

Experience the Bohemian Magic, Mystery, & Joy of Living in the Historic Chelsea Hotel: Honoring the 124-Year bohemian legacy of the Art and Artists of the Chelsea Hotel NYC.

Join our Bohemian Legacy NFT/ART & Sharing Community: Built on real history, real people, and thousands of Chelsea dreams to enlighten, inspire, and realize the next generation of Chelsea Artists.

Create your own Magnificent Misfitery: As our technologies develop, Misfit token holders will be empowered to experience the past, create the future, and allow Art to reign again in the Chelseaverse!

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